Thursday, January 6, 2011

Green Lights

On reflection of the past year and the direction of the next, I posed myself the a question .....Am I really happy? The answer is I have absolutely no idea. But the not knowing of knowing is good enough.

This year I have certainly changed. Bridget Jones is no longer my idol and in a few months time I will have letters behind my name. I have traveled 37 countries and turned my life not just in a completely different direction I have also completely changed ship, its crew, the weather and the horizon!

This last 3 weeks I have either been drunk or driving but never the combination. I therefore designated myself the family driver, in a vacant attempt to stay sober this actually meant magnificent unexpected evenings waking up in strange beds most interestingly a bunk bed! As I inevitably got into the festive spirit so to speak.

My father gave me a book for Christmas "Speeches that changed the world" this includes Elizabeth I, Winston Churchill (of course) Nelson Mandela the list goes on.

Always more interesting to me is not the book but whatever my father has inscribed on the second page. This year was written Dearest Mill, Thoughts, Words, Actions! This immediately resonated with me.

In other words don't just talk about it, do it. Every knows if they truly focus on something they can achieve the impossible. Ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things.

So if I am to make a resolution it is to be part of a revolution to understand and deliver the matrix of wave energy, using my own energy to drive for change. Understanding the endless possibilities of renewable energy and to deliver the potential.

You can do anything you want in life, but you can't do everything.

Therefore for this year I will continue to put on hold growing up and the never ending questions which challenge me and focus on "actioning" the dream to harness not just the ship I am sailing, or the horizon in the distance but the waves I am traveling on.

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