Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Great Wall of China 21st May 2011

So here I am back in my freezing but beautiful house with my 1 pound electricity meter and my view over the sea, the golf club to my left and yacht club to my right. And the only responsibility I have in the world which is to finish this degree. That said, I have set myself another challenge which after deliberating for the last 6km run I have endured in the rain I will share with you. Perhaps because I feel if I write it down it may actually happen and, to be honest I am ruled by external motivation and constantly seek approval from others therefore by blogging my madness I will perhaps I would like to say achieve a dream..... It is more of a nightmare...... But I have enrolled myself to run The Great Wall of China Marathon.  All 5162 steps..... I have roughly 100 days to train and therefore bought myself a very exciting new toy which tracks just about everything..... However today much to my disappointment while I ran 6km is a blizzard along to my horror I burnt 241 calories which doesn’t cover one of the double jack and cokes I consumed yesterday....... Fortunately I cannot remember how many I had!

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