Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orkney Love

The world around me continues to spin and I am learning to stand still.

The course is so fascinating and I am not just learning about the universe but I am loving appreciating the universe. The island has become my world and as the newspapers don’t arrive until 2pm it’s like reading yesterdays news so I have stopped completely. And I have become unaffected by anything else just me my 12 classmates, 3 lecturers, Eileen who I now call mum and a few locals who I wave to while cycling along the sea front on the way to uni. This cycle was enjoyable until I crashed outside the bakery and now I occasionally cycle with the fear of falling it isn’t as fun! Perish the thought I would wear a helmet. On reflection I would need knee pads, teeth guards and a back brace to cushion me in future. Which to be honest is not a way to make more friends so I walk.

The people who I have met have such different perspectives to life and really do have a passion for life but total different values. They are humble and happy and I would dare to say content.

I have just finished the first semester exams which I have to say I enjoyed being a geek and working 10 hours a day. Kevin flat mate and I are like chalk and cheese but I have to say in him I have found a best friend, confidant and a lot of laughter. We put together a documentary on wave energy which meant that we had direct contact with all the developers here and our findings really encouraged me to think about the future potential of wave energy. Subsequently I have decided to do my dissertation on desalination through wave energy and over Christmas will gear up on how to make this possible. There is an ethical and financial benefit to this course which if tentative findings prove possible could mean fresh economically viable water for the world! Soooo I have as ever been pushing boundaries and embracing possibilities with excitement.

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