Saturday, August 21, 2010

Past Present and Future

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why it is called THE PRESENT

I am fortunate enough to be sitting on a Friday afternoon in the South of France having a glass of wine relaxing with the sun spraying light through magnificent glass windows feeling yet again blessed.

No my life is not a holiday, but the holiday or rather quarter life crisis I have been living you will be glad to know is coming to an end.

I am moving to another world which will be quite different to the one I have been living for the last year. One of military confinement in a small Island at the top of Scotland only reachable by helicopter, ferry or small flight planes flying from Scotland only! And as a friend said on viewing the website “so you are moving to Alcatraz?”

As I read through my unconditional for a Msc in Renewable Energy I smiled until the final line “Orkney campus” and re-read and googled.......... Upon reflection and various conversations, meeting and introspections I realise it is completely perfect but my initial reaction was fundamentally different.

So as I sit here enjoying the last of the summer wine.........This is not because the bottle is empty........... Nor because the glass has over flowed as I filled it to the brim............ But because I accepted my challenge and know that in order to achieve my objective absolute determination, faith and solitude is the only way of success for the coming year.

And as my sister said on the phone when I explained my offer “so Milly where are you going on holiday until you start” My answer........ “Edinburgh, South of France and Turkey to sail around the Greek Islands..............”

Edinburgh. Or as I call it Toy Town which is slightly un PC, but, that is after all the problem with the UK and upon reflection in France at least they say it how it is!

My grandfather once said to me “if you die with a hand full of friends you are blessed” I am lucky I have 6 siblings so I will always be blessed; But as your friends are your chosen family I do have some great friends who all belong to Scotland, even though they live in other places. Home is where the heart is, and all of our hearts beated at the same time in the same place after a long time away and a long time to come again over the weekend.

It’s funny I finished a lunch meeting, got into my car sat in a beautiful square in the new town and got out of it re-filled the meter and just walked for 2 hours. No phone no ipod no answers just like on Everest I just walked and felt free. Until I returned to the car looked through my missed call, listened to my messages and accepted my offer to university in that moment my world changed.

The cross roads had been crossed, and the door I had left open shut behind me as I ran through it..................... Knowing this was exactly what I wanted to be doing. Remembering all the moments walking down Everest with anxiety envisaging an office, a computer and a clock ticking making someone else money while they counted the time I worked.

Realising during my walk this meant in my mischievous mind I now had a month off and reason to celebrate or rather get so sick of psychologically cant or physically couldn’t in Orkney partying that I would have to calm down and become the now “mature student” that I am! The weekened went far too quickly and suddenly I found myself at 110mph down the M6 reflecting.

Why? Of course drank too much at Beckys engagement and if I hadn’t already taken enough attention bouncing on the childrens trampoline certainly ensured I was not missed!

The Edinburgh festival was in full swing and being a product of ones environment as was I!!!

Until that is my fall from grace into disgrace..............

But it was wonderful to be back in the city which is alive for 24hours a day during festival attracting all sorts of artist, thespians, journalists, foodies street acts, magicians and the locals while many supporting a t-shirt saying “fuck off I am a local” certainly seemed to be enjoying their home town.

Edinburgh is most defiantly the most beautiful city in the world. The architecture screams opulence and even though the country has a tough 5 years ahead it will always retain it’s charm and distinction.

Beckys engagement made me realise how old we are all getting and even worse re-counting stories from 15 years before was quite frightening. The great thing about belonging somewhere and having roots is knowing without a doubt that in 15 years time we will be laughing over the same jokes in similar houses to our parents saying do you remember 30 years ago!

Enough said onto The South of France! My father is as frustrated as I am about the UK the politics, the tax, the rules, the people, the culture; Or rather lack of it and the costs. Therefore we have been looking at relocated “Le Chateaux de ma famille” to France. A dear friend mine offer us their house in St Martin which some of you may remember as The Twelfth Quest “blog” So as in order as Sanitiago realised to realise what you have in your life you need to do a 360 degree turn on it. But also to appreciate something, somewhere or someone we need to want to be there. Like love can not truly love another until you love yourself. Now I know where I am going, and what I am doing, I feel I can appreciate life and chance a lot more than when I was an iceberg not knowing where I was going.

Dad and I have had a hilarious time infact mostly I just laugh at him. Yesterday we had a roadtrip and I have to say I don’t know if I get in more trouble driving or navigating....... We have a sat nav and 3 maps and still I get it wrong! Then when I manage to prize the steering wheel from Dad driving at speed down the motorway while he navigates......... I am still either driving in the wrong direction, to quickly or dangerously......... I have made the assumption that the only way for us to get along in a car is when I am the designated driver and he is drunk and we are going home......

We went to Lourdes which I have to say was also different this time. I reflected on my precious views of “holy blackpool” and thought actually how brilliant that people are given hope and strength through religion. And, thank God 6 million people each year from all different races, classes and nationalities can come here in peace and pray together and make homage. That is a miracle in itself.

Following this we drove to Biarritz and Biarritz it iz amazing! It is like 1920s sheik with 21st century class the sun, the sea, the beach, the people actually everything about the place oozed sophistication, style and intelligence. Even fat people (I like fat and happy) looked in their element. Needless to say we realised this is where The Staunton Family future home would be and headed back to St Martin for food, wine, and Elton John.

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  1. Well... I looked you up. This is all great stuff – makes me wish I had it in me (and the means) to do something like this. I'm glad I ended up opposite you today. Hope you enjoy your 3 movies ;). Tried to find you on FB – maybe your privacy is high or use a different name? Seems i'm your first comment(er) – you should probably reply :p

    Lee x x